This is the list of all the models I own (if the pic shows the box only, then the item is not currently displayed)

Panoramic View 1

Panoramic View 2


Aoshima Neo Getter T&T

Aoshima Neo Getter

Aoshima New Getter Normal

Aoshima New Getter Metallic ltd

Aoshima New Getter Black Normal

Aoshima New Getter Black Kawai

Aoshima New Getter Toys'R'us ltd

Aoshima Shin Getter Normal

Aoshima Shin Getter Closed Wings normal

Aoshima Shin Getter Cloded Wings Black

Aoshima Shin Getter Devil Wings

Aoshima Shin Getter Toys'R'us ltd

Aoshima Dark General Normal

Aoshima Dark General Kawai

Aoshima Dark General TV Anime Color ltd 500

Aoshima Mazinkaiser OVA color

Aoshima Mazinkaiser Black Wings Overseas

Aoshima Mazinkaiser (with duke gorgon)

Aoshima Arcadia Black ltd

Aoshima Arcadia Weathering 1st edition

Bandai SOC

Bandai GX-01B

Bandai GX-01G

Bandai GX-01R

Bandai GX-01RB

Bandai GX-02B

Bandai GX-02R

Bandai GX-03

Bandai GX-03b

Bandai GX-04b

Bandai GX-04s

Bandai GX-05R

Bandai GX-05B

Bandai GX-06

Bandai GX-06M

Bandai GX-07

Bandai GX-08

Bandai GX-08A

Bandai GX-08SW

Bandai GX-09

Bandai GX-09A

Bandai GX-09MAB

Bandai GX-10

Bandai GX-10B

Bandai GX-11

Bandai GX-11A

Bandai GX-12

Bandai GX-12A

Bandai GX-13

Bandai GX-17

Bandai GX-18

Bandai GX-19

Bandai GX-20

Bandai GX-23

Bandai GX-23A

Bandai GX-24

Bandai GX-25

Bandai GX-26

Bandai GX-27

Bandai GX-29

Bandai GX-30

Bandai SOP

Bandai Yamato

Bandai Hover Pileder

Bandai Gundam

Bandai Metal Grade Gundam

Bandai New Material Turn A Gundam

Bandai Kado Senshi Zaku Green

Bandai Kado Senshi Zaku Red

Bandai Kado Senshi Zaku Black Tristar

Bandai Kado Senshi MK2 normal

Bandai Kado Senshi titans

Bandai Kado Senshi kasval red

Bandai Kado Senshi G3 grey

Bandai Kado Senshi prototype

Bandai Kado Senshi roll out

Bandai Kahen Senshi Z Gundam Normal

Bandai Kahen Senshi Z Titans

Bandai Kahen Senshi Z Green Divers

Bandai Kahen Senshi Hyaku Shiky

Bandai Kahen Senshi ZZ Gundam

Bandai (other)

Bandai Robocon

Bandai Doraemon Chogokin Normal

Bandai Doraemon Reproduction 1979

Marmit Daigokin

Mazinger Z Normal Color

Great Mazinger

Max Factory

Max Factory Mazinkaiser

Max Factory Green GGGG

Max Factory Godannar


Fewture Mazinger 1901

Fewture Aphrodai 1901

Fewture Garada 1901

Fewture Getter Black Ryoma ltd

Others (various)

Takara Jeeg Black

Marmit Devilman Green

Marmit Devilman Blue

Megahouse Panda Z